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Fabulous African Hair Braiding

Today, you can find information about almost everything on the Internet, including tutorials on how to create specific hairstyles. However, the experience you get at a hair braiding salon has no comparison. At African Hair Braiding Sumah, you can get the African style you want while you read a magazine or chat with one of our professional stylists. We can create a great variety of hairstyles in New York, NY. Read more about what we can do for you on this page!

Our Services

French Braids

French Braids

This style suits any hair texture or color. If you wish to look chic, you don’t need to search for information on how to braid your hair. We can do it for you and so much more. You can also visit our salon for fishtail braiding, knotless braiding, and so many other variations of braids. They all look stylish when put in the right way.

Rope Braids

Rope Braids

Rope braids look amazing on both teenagers and mature women. Braiding your hair locks yourself could be a tedious and daunting task, but you can leave this task in our hands and know that you will look and feel awesome when you leave our place. Also, you depend on our team of trained hairdressers for lace and ladder braids that are perfect if you are growing out your bangs or want a pretty style that frames your face.

Box Braids

African box braiding has been around since the beginning of hairstyling history. Have you never had braids? You don’t know what you are missing! With our professional skills, dexterity, and tools, you will look like a million dollars when you turn up for your wedding, prom, birthday party, or any other special event. Box braids may be of any width or length, but most women add synthetic or natural hair to add length.

Invisible Braids

Invisible Braids

Are you intrigued? Invisible braids are a kind of hairstyle in which strands of hair are braided so small that they appear as single strands of hair. If you want to see this special technique in practice, call and book an appointment today. Our hairstylists are also ready to show you how great micro and faux locs braiding looks and how these designs can completely change your look.

Lace Frontal Weave

Lace Frontal Weave

Another hairdo you can request at our studio. Lace frontals and lace closures are both very useful when creating beautiful sew in installations. They serve the same purpose, which is to close off extensions. Also, you may experiment with Senegalese twists and cornrow styles. Our experts also have the experience to perform flat twist hairstyles that show your creativity, imagination, and excellent taste.

To Your Benefit

So you have decided to get braids? What an excellent choice! Micro hair braiding or any other style, we promise you won’t leave our salon disappointed. Just give us a little bit of your time, and our hairdressers will fulfill all your wishes. Did you know that braiding is the perfect hairdo if you don’t have the time to wash and care for your strands regularly? It will keep your hair tight on windy days, and people will admire you when you walk down the street.

Professional African Box Braiding

How We Get the Job Done

We admit professional braiding requires a lot of training, expertise, and skills. But we have been doing this for years and know how to get it done with no distress for our valued clients. Both men and women visit our salon, and they usually show us a picture of their favorite style. After a short discussion, our professional stylists get to work and only use high-quality tools and products to achieve flawless results.

The Other Locations We Serve

If you happen to live outside our main region, that’s OK because our professional staff creates amazing braids for anyone from the following areas:

  • Riverside Village, NY
  • Fort Lee Borough, NJ
  • Fairview Borough, NJ
  • Edgewater Borough, NJ
  • Guttenberg Town, NJ
  • Harlem, NY

We will be delighted if you choose African Hair Braiding Sumah for your next special hairdo. Our team specializes in hair braiding, and our salon is located in New York, NY. Give us a call today. 

Client’s Testimonial

Sep 11, 2022
Love my hairstyle by Sumah

Wanted to install my own locks from the past to my new short locks for fullness and length. I found Sumah online, she was welcoming, she told me come down and she will do it. So happy I went to see her because she did a wonderful job. My once short locks is now longer and fuller….love it…I’m feeling fab…thanks to Sumah…I will definitely be going back.

African Hair Braiding Sumah
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