Knotless Box Braids, and Other Types of Box Braids

What Is Box Braiding?

Although it’s possible to create intricate and natural-looking braid styles with box braiding, this is not the only technique you can use, and you’re unlikely to find box-style braids in natural hair. This is because this style is only suitable when creating a more discerning, sleek look. There are more types of braiding aside from the common knotless box braids which you can learn more about below.

What is Box Braiding?

This method is perfect for achieving volumes and all-over styling with the added security of a secure attachment point that won’t loosen during the styling process. Box braiding is available in several styles, and apart from the traditional box braid, there are micro box braiding, triband, and all-out box braids.

The Traditional Box Braid

This style starts from either the middle or ends of the hair and creates a frame about 2-4 inches wide. The hair is then wrapped around the index, middle, and thumb, which goes through the loop, then brought through the loop once again, and the cycle continues. This style takes the most time, making it ideal for those in a hurry. However, it does offer an element of security and, indeed, looks the most natural.

The Knotless Box Braids

Traditional three-strand box braids are the same as knotless box braids; you can make them in different sizes and lengths. The main difference is that knotless box braids don’t start with the small knot that traditional box braids do.

The Micro and Triband Braids

These styles are only available in a few lengths and are most often used by African-American women. The micro braid is achieved by dividing the hair into two parts, and on the right side, cross the two parts over the left and back through the first loop. For the tri-band, the hair is divided into thirds, and each part is crossed over the next, then back through the first loop.

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