Maintenance Tips for Faux Locs Braiding

How to Keep Faux Locs Looking Good?

Faux locs braiding is a protective style that requires at least 2-3 weeks to complete. Thankfully, there are methods you can do to help the hair grow faster and keep it looking good. Here are 3 of the maintenance tips you can try:

Less Is More

This tip is especially true when it comes to your hairstyle. We suggest you go with a few short twists, instead of one long one. This way, you’ll see the difference in growth in no time! You can also add a protective style every 2-3 weeks to your hair, just make sure it’s not too tight.

Boost Your Hair’s Moisture

It’s not uncommon for your faux locs braiding hair to get dry and brittle if you don’t use the right products and treatments. For best results, we recommend using a Moisture Plus Leave-in Conditioner that will help improve your hair’s moisture level without weighing it down or making it feel too greasy.

Safe Styling

Your edges will curl up faster than the rest of your hair, and this is normal! In order to give them some texture, avoid using any hot tools on them. Instead, try using a flat iron on low heat or even better, an invisible shield heat protectant spray! It will help keep your edges from looking messy.

Invest in Good-Quality Products

Every product does matter when it comes to synthetic hair, so don’t just buy any cheap product because it can do more damage than good. Your best bet is to invest in good-quality products. Talk with a stylist about what products are good for this hairstyle and your type of hair to make sure it continues to look and feel beautiful!

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