Simple Facts About Knotless Box Braids

What You Should Know About Box Braids

If you have seen the braids and dreads trend, the chances are that you are thinking about giving knotless box braids a try. While the braids or dreads trend is not new, knotless box braids are more recent to the beauty scene. Similar to the box braids, these braids start with a part. However, instead of using a hair tie, the hair is rolled into a deep, inch-wide rubber band. Once the hair is secured, the box is rolled according to the desired pattern. While they look simple, braiding box braids can look quite intricate, especially when achieving different styles.

What are box braids made of?

Box braids are made with pre-bonded hair. If you have not pre-bonded your hair, you need to do it before you begin box braiding. With pre-bonding, you will be able to style your hair once box braids are done. Bonding will ensure that your hair does not unravel or tangle once styled. You can get pre-bonded at salons or your stylist if you have long hair.

Advantages of box braids

  • Box braids are considered the ideal option for protective styling, which is why they’re often used to protect vulnerable hair like dreadlocks and individuals with fragile or thin natural hair.
  • This protective style is known for its versatility in styling, and the hairstyles available for box braids are numerous. This protective style can be worn in several ways and is often at the top section of the head. It can also be protective styling for the back and sides of the head.
  • Box braids are also known for their durability, making them a popular protective style for African-American women, who need a protective kind that can withstand harsh physical activity. Box Braids have become a popular protective style among Eurocentric women. Furthermore, box braids are also often worn as an elegant half-up hairstyle.

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