What You Need to Know Before Getting a Hair Braiding Service

Braiding Facts  

A lot of people get hair braids to protect their hair. Some do it for cultural reasons as well. However, before getting a hair braiding service, there are a couple of things that you may want to know about hair braids. We want to make sure that we are able to set your expectations first before getting your hair braids. Here are a couple of interesting facts about hair braids:


You can look for many inspirations for braid hairstyles on the Internet. Save a couple of pictures on your phone and bring them over to show your hairdresser. You should also do some research about using synthetic or natural hair extensions and see which one you think will suit your lifestyle. You may also get some feedback from the hairdresser.

Healthy Hair

You want to make sure that your hair’s locks are in good condition before you go to your local beauty salon to get your hair braids done. This means that your hair shouldn’t be recently bleached, relaxed, or chemically-treated. This lessens the likelihood of hair breakage due to damage.

Just the Right Tightness

You want to make sure that your hair braider will not braid your hair too tight. The main point of getting hair braids is to protect your hair from the daily wear and tear that your lifestyle and the weather can do to your hair. If your hair braids are done too tight, your hair just might break. Aside from breakage, you just might feel a little bit of pulling on your scalp and that will definitely be painful.

A professional and experienced hairstylist can help you get that flawless braid you have been dreaming of. In New York, NY, you can pick up your phone and call African Hair Braiding Sumah to book a hair braiding session with one of the hairstylists. Got more questions about hair braids? Just simply dial (347) 217-1332 on your phone now!

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